Hey there! My name’s Andy and here’s a few fun facts about me as a person & photographer…

  • am most definitely an artist / creative at heart
  • am a bit of a philosopher – go ahead ask me but you might want to cut me off at some point :)
  • have a passion for photographing people. Show me an awesome landscape and I just want to put a model / person / couple in the shot to make it look better.
  • get so caught up photographing a wedding that I often lose it a bit during special moments throughout the day, especially if a relationship is built with the couple – something I feel is truly important for knowing how to best capture the day.
  • am a bit of a perfectionist as a photographer. Something either works towards the good of a photograph or it doesn’t. There is no middle ground at all. That’s a major thought that constantly sticks with me as I’m both photographing and editing in post-production.
  • am into knowing the craft of photography cold so I can immediately get to showing the humanity & emotion of a situation, which is what truly matters.
  • am specifically interested in working with clients that dig my work, have an artistic frame of mind, are willing to step outside the box and totally “get it” when it comes to artistic / contemporary photography. Contemporary portrait photography is a collaborative effort and depends on a relationship of total trust.
  • love…LOVE…how the walls we put up around ourselves come crashing down at a wedding because of heightened emotions.
  • through photography and the arts, came to a realization in my life that we only live once and we should absolutely make the most of it by doing what we truly love regardless of risk. If we don’t take those chances or risks the alternative risk is living our lives inside a box….
  • my biggest claim to fame as a photographer yet is having my work featured front and center on the home page of Kleinfeld Bridal, check it out here!
  • really believe we should have passion for what we do in life or go home. I choose passion and truly hope it shows in my work!

To call Andy Buscemi a “world-class photographer” would still belittle his extraordinary ability. He is, without a doubt, a master of his craft — in both the art of photography and the art of human expression. Andy cares so much for his work and, more importantly, the people that he works with, that every one of his shots crackles with energy and compassion. This rare gift, to truly care for his subjects, makes Andy’s work so memorable. And that level of care and comfort radiates off him, easing the tension away from any and all that have the pleasure of smiling into his lens. It is with great modesty that I recommend Andy Buscemi and his work. When it comes to his specific set of skills and his immense sincerity, he has no equal.    -Ryan Clements