2016: Year in Review


THANK YOU to everyone who entrusted me to photograph your wedding or project in 2016!  From my work at the Rochester Lilac Festival through December weddings, here’s a few of my favorite captured moments from last year…




















  1. daaam, nice man

  2. You have a rare talent for creative, imaginative, and inspiring photos!

  3. Your work never fails to impress!

  4. I am gonna need you to take pix for me when you come here again. Seriously next time you are in Orlando please let me know…I need pix of the fam.

  5. You are the industry standard as a person and a creative. You set the bar high. Thank You!

    • …thanks man, appreciate your words!

  6. Wow…such beautiful emotions captured forever. You are so talented. How lucky these people are to have had you as their photographer.

    • thanks gramza…so good to see you the other day – really me / not hacked :)

  7. So many beautiful moments captured, well done, sir!

  8. Absolutely stunning – so much talent!!!

  9. Absolutely beautiful. You have such a precious gift Andy!

  10. Phenomenal, Andy. Just simply amazing.

  11. I dont know why or when or what but I need you to take pics of us again

  12. VERY nice! Wow!

  13. as your mom, I am literally bursting with pride seeing such talent. Each photo was more beautiful than the previous one! Bravo! <3

    • Andy Buscemi love you forever & a day!

  14. Wow now that’s talent!

  15. Your photographs are stunning! The lighting is absolutely amazing! You have such a talent!

  16. So awesome! Always a treat to see your photos, Andy.

  17. Stunning, artistic. Perfection ❤

  18. Love all of these, Andy is so talented! My favorite is a pic inside of cathedral, black and white, high contrast!

  19. Unreal buddy. Seriously brilliant

  20. I love looking at your work, Andy!!!! You are so incredibly talented!

  21. You truly are one of the best!! So happy to watch your talent flourish. Miss seeing you!! Hope all is well!

  22. These are GORGEOUS!!! So great to see, Andy!!!

  23. You did such an amazing job!!!!

  24. Great photographers know how to capture and create magic-all of this work truly emulates ❤️

  25. Breathtaking my dear Andy! Are you home world traveler?

  26. I mean….these are seriously Works of Art! You are brilliant Andy Buscemi!!!! God Bless Man!

    • …thank you Julia!

  27. Its beautifull and brilliant work ..