New Studio and Mid-Wedding Season Madness Update!

New Studio and Mid-Wedding Season Madness Update!

Hey all, to say things have been busy these last few weeks is an understatement! On top of being in the middle of a very busy wedding and portrait season it was my ten year anniversary with my wife Amanda (enter a few day trip to Florida) which went to directly to being home for a day -> Hilary and Gerret’s wedding in Pittsburgh, PA -> home for a day -> out to Los Angeles, CA for an engagement shoot with Kay & John -> back to Buffalo to move into a new studio space with my studio partner Neil at Nickel City Graphics. Moving studio space during wedding season? Something I definitely don’t recommend! Needless to say, editing had to take a back seat for a couple weeks but after a number of 10+ hour days into August and I’m almost back on track to where I’d like to be at this point in the season. I start out the season with turnaround being roughly 1-2 weeks and into late fall after a couple double wedding weekends, etc turnaround is closer to 6-8 weeks. I could do it faster than that if I had to but I’m too much of a perfectionist to not take the needed time on editing work!

On that note, a couple randomly cool things happened traveling for the engagement shoot in LA….

1. On my layover flight into to Boston, by chance, I sat next to this guy: Canon’s northeast representative for large format products. I got to talk photography the whole flight, which was pretty cool at least for us and hopefully not too annoying to other passengers! Yep, on his way out to work a job in Boston he was wearing a canon polo, ha!

2. On my layover flight back from LA I sat next to ANOTHER photographer by chance, except this time photojournalist Marcus Yam on assignment for The New York Times. Again, I got to talk photography on my layover flight, which made an already short flight seem like it took moments, this time from JFK to Buffalo. The conversation was great and so is his work. Check some of it out @

As far as the shoot, here’s a shot of Kay & John under the Santa Monica Pier. These guys flew me out there so I definitely intended on coming back with amazing work for them! You can check out a few more shots from their shoot here.

Regarding the new studio space, please take note of the new address at the bottom of the webpage. We’re now on the corner of Delaware and Allen where Allentown Athletix club used to be and we were able to do a build-out / design the space how we wanted it. Ellicott Development Company manages the space and really, we couldn’t be happier with the work they did. One thing, however, is for sure and we knew this going into the space; It will be a little tricky to find if you’re not familiar with the area. That’s especially true because we have a Delaware address but our main entrance is on Allen. Also, until we get signage approved and up (which may be a while) it will be that much more difficult to find. Basically we’re kitty-corner to Coulter Bay, across the street from Valero, next to frizzys, kinda across the street from Gabriels Gate…..ehhh…just call me when you get here is how it seems I’ve been explaining it. Hopefully, we’ll get signage approved and up sooner than later but in the meantime check out a couple photos of the new space!

So far 2012 weddings have been seriously amazing; the love and energy flying all over the place has been crazy. Do you feel it?? Well I do ;)


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August 20, 2012