Photography Opens Doors

Photography Opens Doors

As an amateur photographer going professional within the past year I’ve come to find that the camera opens doors to experiences that I would have never before found myself in….and I’m in love with the freedom I now feel because of it.

I’ve become more familiar with the Western New York, Buffalo and Rochester area in the past year than I otherwise would have been in the next 10 years…..easy. As much as I hate NYS taxes, NYS nonsense and NYS weather (which recently got me and my wife thinking about moving to Florida Tom Golisano style) there are some amazingly beautiful places and things going on here all within a 2-3 hour drive that I simply didn’t have the time or a purpose to experience before.

Urban exploration at Central Terminal & Buffalo Grain Mills, model shoots, networking with other photographers, hot air ballooning, an engagement session in NYC, working with awesome friends that I otherwise would have never reconnected with, meeting clients that have all sorts of interesting jobs & careers from all different walks of life. Photography truly requires me to experience new places and meet new people and call me crazy but I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new places. Especially in a setting where people are willing to be themselves and there’s no bull crap attached to it….at least that’s the mood I try to create during a portrait session. I feel more connected to this world that we all live in and life in general because of it.

So I’ve always been an artist in one way or another but I’m now loving the medium of photography and where it can bring me in life. I feel free, I feel more like my younger self that was curious about the world I lived in and I feel more human. I feel more alive and true to who I am. Photography done well is art and in turn reflects the beauty in life. I know it’s cliche, but it makes me see and experience the world in a new way. Photography. Art. Life. Love it.


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October 27, 2010