In my last written blog post I touched on the point that for the most part I’m all about photographing people. Well as wedding season is now full swing I only feel it necessary to comment on how this relates to photographing weddings…..which in this post will keenly take the form of a top ten list:

Top ten reasons I totally dig on shooting weddings:

10. If you’re addicted to photographing people like me, you’re WAY less creepy as a wedding photographer than someone shooting around the city or suburbs as a street photographer.  Know what I mean? :)

9. Emotions run high. Where better a place than a wedding to capture raw emotion? I love…LOVE…how the walls we put up around ourselves come crashing down at a wedding because of heightened emotions.

8. Being a bit of a perfectionist as a person / photographer, it’s great to be a part of something where so many are people are also trying to help create or develop that perfect day for the bride and groom. Perfection makes for incredible photographs!

7. Every single wedding is different and can lead to amazingly diverse photographs! To anyone who thinks that all weddings are all the same, you’re simply not looking deep enough at the people involved and the incredible relationships / connections happening all around you!

6. I like to be constantly challenged. Even when you know the craft of photography cold from a technical standpoint (which is so much more involved than most people think) the other half of the challenge in shooting weddings is all about interpersonal relationships. Getting people where they need to go, being a counselor to the bride if something unexpected happens, and having a personality that keeps people having a great time (and in turn looking great in photographs) throughout the day are all a part of the challenge on a wedding day I embrace with open arms!

5. People are committed. To me there’s almost nothing worse than participating in some kind of group event / sport / experience where people are ho-hum about what’s going on around them. There’s a different attitude, energy and feel in the room that should contrast this on a wedding day where the bridal party and attending guests have a high interest in making sure the day goes well for the bride and groom.

4. FUN. It’s a wedding day and for the love of life, people better be having fun, which definitely includes me! Sometimes I do like to remove myself from the scene and capture in a photojournalistic approach but there are other times where I’m totally into being a part of the party, getting involved and having actual FUN with the couple and bridal party….

3. Preserving memories. I was recently reminded by a client how short life is when it was brought to my attention a grandparent I recently photographed passed away. After being told just how important the image I captured is to them I was reminded of how significant wedding photography is and of the vocation I hold toward it.

2. Capturing that fleeting moment that could have got away. Connections happen in milliseconds. At a wedding people often hug that seldom do and people sometimes cry that usually don’t. Those small moments that happen in such a short burst of time make truly amazing photographs and tell the story of a relationship that lasts so much longer.

1. It’s somebody’s most important day and I’m seriously honored each and every time people put their trust in me to be a part of their day in capturing it for them!


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June 13, 2011