New site and blog….

New site and blog….

With an updated website, I’ve also decided it’s time to start blogging for a couple different reasons which I’ll lay out here. First, if nothing else I’ll be using this as a photo blog to post photographs from recent shoots. That’s the easy part and I expect it won’t be hard to incorporate this into my workflow because I’m already posting favorite images from sessions on facebook. Realistically, this will be the main use of the blog portion of the site as I’m usually not one for much writing.

However….I may also be so inspired to use this space for a little personal professional development from time to time. You know…photography related blogging :) This will be the hard part for me if I decide to dive in. I anticipate posts in this area would be geared more towards other photographers than clients. Bad idea? I’ll probably only shoot for a new blog post in this area once a month or so and even that might be pushing it. Who knows….maybe I’ll take a liking to it if there’s a photography related issue I need to get out there, get feedback on from other photographers, reaffirm something I’m learning, whatever. Point being, I think it’s something I’ll try to take advantage of and see where it goes.

Either way, thanks for reading if you took the time and hope you like the new site!


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September 14, 2010